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Where your consumers go and what they value.

Crack the consumer experience puzzle

Crack the Consumer Experience (CX) Puzzle

What decisions would you be able to make today if you knew where your consumers go, what they value and how they feel when they leave your stores?

We leverage A.I. to analyze consumer perceptions and movement via hundreds of millions of publicly-posted data points so that our clients can make confident decisions on their next marketing campaign, retail site selection or location offerings.

Precise Technologies to Minimize the Gap

Basil Labs fills knowledge gaps for decision makers, helping them quantify the ROI of improving individual consumer narratives and prioritize accordingly.

Unlike many competitors, our solutions go deeper rather than wider. While it's interesting to track brand reputation floating on the echochambers of social media, our solutions are specifically built to dive deeper, leveraging AI to quantify what actual consumers value in store, thus enabling our clients to make business-critical decisions today rather than spend hours trying to find meaning in aesthetic yet data-shallow graphs and charts.

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We live in a data-rich age,
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Track patterns of behavior, attitudes and values of your in store consumers.


Analyze clusters of consumers based on their consumption patterns.


Find out where else your consumers shop, spend time and travel locally and globally.

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