The Evolution Of Human-Scale Data
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Where Your Consumers Go And What They Value

Through responsible, powerful AI technologies, we pioneer new ways of capturing consumer intelligence to help organizations expand and optimize their locations and marketing strategies.

Consumer Experience

Transform hundreds of millions of publicly-posted data points into quantified consumer perceptions.

Consumer Journeys

Track where else consumers shop and visit and what they value about these other locations.

Pedestrian Movement

Quantify the number of pedestrians, vehicles and other modes of transportation along urban corridors.

Health & Safety

Monitor and analyze mask usage and high temperatures of visitors across your locations.

Precise Technologies For Confident & Strategic Decisions

Go deeper, not wider. The market is awash with surface-level solutions — deeper is how we differentiate. Our technologies dive into the core of consumer attitudes, beliefs and movement to create actionable solutions today.

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Basil Labs

Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.

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