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Pioneering Geolocated Consumer Experience


Saving you time trying to understand your consumers.

Our flagship technology, the Basil Consumer Experience Engine, transforms raw, unstructured text data posted online by your consumers and residents into concise, geolocated insights. Fundamentally, the BasilCX Engine saves you time in trying to understand your consumers so you can make confident decisions on your next marketing campaign or optimize your locations.

Benchmark and Optimize CX Across Your Retail Locations

Concise dashboards quantifying how consumers feel about your locations every quarter.

Map the Consumer Journey — Place Your Next Location

Local and global maps of where your consumers go and shop.

Geotarget Narrative-Specific Digital and Offline Ads

Analyze other stores your consumers shop at and what they value about those locations.

Actionable, Geolocated Insights

Unlike so many social media analytics companies out there, our insights are broken down store by store, letting you pinpoint which locations need which CX improvements (e.g. staff, wifi, managerial).

360° Consumer Journey

On average, for every 1K customers reviewing your locations, we're able to generate ~60K other places they've also visited — critical information to inform location placement and ad targeting.

Benchmark to the Industry

Understand how consumers react to your competitors and make the improvements you need to outpace them. Identify which variables have the highest ROI in improving CX at your locations.

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So Many Use Cases, What's Yours?

For place managers, marketers and real estate managers, the BasilCX Engine does the hard work of identifying what consumers value and where they go, meaning decision makers know the next five steps in optimizing their location, crafting their next marketing campaign and placing their next location.

Retail Chains

BasilCX answers key questions regarding in store consumer experience performance — what do my customers value? Where do they shop when they are not at my location? Where should we place our next location?

Malls, Stadiums & Venues

BasilCX not only tells you what people value about your own location, but also creates a complete picture of the consumer journey — where consumers visit before and after your location and what other venues they go to when they're near home.

Travel & Tourism

Cluster travelers into consumer segments and identify where they go within your city and what makes them come back again and again or map out their entire journeys from day one of their trips till the taxi ride back to the airport.

Commercial Real Estate Development

Identify the kinds of retail and amenities in similar neighborhoods as well as general trends like parking or public transportation, meaning you already know what works and what doesn't before starting your next project.

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