COVID-19 Retail Audience Recapture Initiative

Quantify foot traffic and consumer journeys + values to attract visitors this summer and fall.


Helping you create a data-driven, audience recapture strategy for COVID-19.

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Purpose: Recapture and expand lost in store audiences at retail and tourist locations due to the Coronavirus through a continuous process of quantifying consumer beliefs and behavior to optimize marketing and place management efforts.

Data-driven insight into where your visitors go and what they love.

Establish a baseline

1) AreaProbe Catalyst cameras to quantify foot traffic;
2) Basil Labs Ella voice note surveys to capture and categorize open response feedback from residents and visitors;
3) BasilCX Engine to quantify consumer perceptions and journeys.

Continuously collect data

Via the Area Probe and Basil Labs platform, live monitor foot traffic and other street and retail conditions, browse new survey submissions through Ella voice note surveys sent out via email and QR codes, and analyze consumer experience through BasilCX' interactive dashboards.

Report findings and recommendations

Through foot traffic, survey and consumer experience data, clients can plan their marketing campaigns, events, and placemaking initiatives to attract visitors after COVID-19.

A Simple Yet Powerful,
Iterative Process.

1.  Project Commencement

Together, we evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on your business/retail district.

Jointly set KPIs to track through 2020 via our technologies.

Weeks 1 & 2

2. Visitor Narratives Assessment

We quantify visitor narratives about your area using millions of public comments, delivering interactive, quarterly reports to inform your marketing strategy.

Week 4, updates delivered quarterly.

3. Pedestrian & Micro Mobility Counters

We install sensors along key corridors so you can evaluate pedestrian movement in open space, vehicle traffic, impact on local events and sports, and more.

Week 4, real time platform.

4. Solutions For Unique Visitor Experiences

Through our insights, develop strategies to foster sales and unique visitor experiences aimed at recapturing lost in store consumers and visitors.

Iterative & collaborative process to refine our analytics to match your evolving 2020 strategy.

Quantify what makes visitors come back again and again.
Monitor your success on attracting visitors.

The Coronavirus has decimated retail across the globe and many countries and local governments have proposed or enacted stimulus packages to assist retailers and SMEs. This is only one side of the coin.

While tried-and-tested, financial packages do not address the unique set problems COVID-19 presents: a lingering distrust of public or crowded spaces and public transit, shifted attitudes and habits geared toward online shopping, and cautiousness in general spending.

The COVID-19 Retail Audience Recapture Initiative tackles these intangible changes head-on through an innovative, data-driven solution which comprehensively evaluates the consumer journey.

Our Data At Your Fingertips

Track footfall throughout 2020 and onward

Live tracking of footfall along key corridors of your study area or city. Monitor changes as the COVID-19 situation continues and track the impact of events this summer and fall.

Quickly survey visitors via voice input

Send out voice input surveys via QR code or web links. Using AI, we process open responses into concise dashboards.

Quantify consumer experience at every retail location

Plan your next marketing campaign using BasilCX' findings. We quantify consumer perceptions (e.g. parking, staff) at key retail and public locations in your area.

Map the consumer journey of your visitors

Using central locations in the study area, we are able to identify thousands of other locations your visitors also go to, the cities they come from, and what they value at those locations.

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