Understanding Tourism Preferences Based on Home Cities


Who are your travelers?

Leverage location-based analytics derived from millions of public data points and easily deployable surveys to understand where travelers come from.

Where do they go?

Plan next year’s strategy around predictive analytics that determine where your travelers are most likely to head to next.

What do they value?

Inform destination tourism strategy and marketing decisions by linking what attractions and cities your travelers go to with their values and sentiments. What psychographic elements shape their travel decisions?

Unfiltered Feedback From Travelers

Eliminate biased exit surveys or results from only travelers from English-speaking nations. Use Ella to not only pose the same question in 100+ languages, but also quantify what topics across respondents in all languages were most important.

Tracking Patterns

Using BasilCX, we’re able to plot the travel patterns of tourists from across the world. Looking at travelers who checked into a hotel in Bangkok in 2019, many left for either Samut Prakan, Phuket, Chon Buri, or Chiang Mai. Being a central travel hub, those who started anywhere other than Bangkok tended to have Bangkok as their second destination.

Home Cities

Tourists visiting Thailand were mainly from Asia and Europe. This data can help tourism boards and DMOs understand the tourists they are hosting in order to plan trips and advertisements that align closely with the values of those visitors.

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