Voice Surveys As Easy As A, B, C.

Unlock rapid, open-ended surveys

Ella is going to change the way you gather feedback.

The best feedback always comes from individuals immediately after you provide them with an experience. Ella is a voice input survey platform that lets your users scan QR codes, visit a link, click record and submit. We then leverage AI to take all of these responses and turn them into clean dashboards that visualize topics and key takeaways.

Scale to your heart's desire

At Basil Labs, we want to encourage high response rates and open-ended feedback; no more multiple choice or yes/no questions and no limitations on the maximum number of respondents. Scale as much as you want.

Track responses geographically or across venues

Set up as many open-ended questions as you need and place question-specific QR codes across your venue or development ⁠— there's no need to limit yourself to one generic survey anymore.

Quick and Easy Submission

Ella's voice input core means that those who have difficulty typing can just as easily submit feedback.

120+ Languages

By leveraging state-of-the-art voice to text AI technologies, your survey can incorporate over 120+ languages.

Rapid Analytics

Our text processing AI means that all those hours and researchers needed to analyze open-responses are no more.

Falling in Love with Ella?

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So Many Use Cases, What's Yours?

For place managers, researchers and marketers, Ella has the ability to create, transform and synthesize massive amounts of open responses via voice input into actionable dashboards.

Place and Facilities Management

Set up QR codes throughout your building or area. Customize unique questions for different areas. Query open-ended topics for your visitors to answer.

Live Event Feedback

For event planners and marketers, place QR codes around the event or send out URLs — find out how event attendants felt about the speaker or what they valued about your event.

Product Feedback

Print Ella QR tags on your labels and get open-ended feedback on the preferences of your customers.

Group Interviews

Already conducting group interviews? Set up a recording device — Ella can transform your recording into a clear dashboard identifying the most discussed topics and themes.

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